The band looking a bit moody

New everything, new decade, world beating to a new rhythm, you name it its all gearing up for new. Which is nothing new of course. Flux is better than change, change has become a devalued word used as it is by stoner politicians attempting to make an easy connect with us as we go about our everyday.

This band is entering a time of flux, being quite able to prosper and survive because it is rather like a twenty three year old leather suitcase full of music and so drawing looks of admiration and curiosity.

The songs will take in a different air now and so there will be different kinds of albums and shows. The numbers have all fluxed again! There is a new album which is finished, that demonstrates the transition and is all the richer for it. Right now we are looking forward to you looking forward to it.

This new site, as you see contains an active guestbook so if you would care to use it when the mood takes you for anything you need to know or want answering then be our guestbookers. Any mysteries great or small will be attempted to be cleared up, past or present. You might just wanna say hello or nothing as polite as that, but we are into finding out where people are at because its always a two way thing as all decent humanity surely knows by now!

Any new album titles would, by the way, be welcomed and the mad-o-meter will be set real high so don’t be hung up, do yer things. Also its always good to hear what single song or whole album you might be into at any one time and for what reason.

This new site will find form over the coming months and we will endeavour to give it a sort of warmth which, lets face it is long overdue…


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