What Kept You (MP3)

These tracks were all mostly recorded between 94 and 96  the couple of years between Freakgene and the Loyal Serpent. They might be described as a missing link but in reality they are merely part of the broader picture. Worth checking out if only for the dna aspect. The band never stopped recording even after being shown the door by EMI and that’s why the indie albums exist. In the end who cares which label they are on. Included here are great lost singles such as Face Of Years,  5am Breakdown and the Willson masterpiece Long Hair and the Cities of Europe which was actually the last recording whilst still signed to Food but utterly rejected by the then Blur obsessed label. Also included are Genius Alert and The Luckiest Man In London both rare John Butler-Ian Michie collaborations and glimpses into hitherto uncharted territory. The writing at this time was reflecting the experiences of the previous few years in terms of shared experience and demonstrates clearly what could have been available to the wider media had the band retained major label support.

Featuring The Tracks

1. Face Of Years
2. Long Hair And The Cities Of Europe
3. 5am Breakdown
4. Maybe In The Next Dream
5. People Need Hope
6. Edge Of Faith
7. You Took All Of Me
8. Avenue Rose
9. Shackles Of Love
10. The Minute You're Gone
11. Genius Alert
12. In The Beginning
13. Bring Your Load
14. Luckiest Man In London
15. Jus' No Good

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