The Loyal Serpent (MP3)

After the perceived commercial failure of Dpw in 1992 with the last throw of the major label dice being an unnecessary decision to release a two stage single of cover versions, the band were sadly divorced from Emi. Sad not least because the label didn’t actually want this but were compelled to stop investing due to having recently aquired Bransons Virgin label for many millions and so Dpw were let go. A lot of bands would have called it a day at this horrible turn of events but Diesel Park West continued to record releasing indie albums the Corporate Waltz in 93 followed by Freakgene in 95. It was only when Freakgene was heard by the then MD at Emi the wheel began to turn full circle. Declaring Butler a genius for writing this album it was decided that Emi would indeed resign him as a solo artist for whatever he did next. The Loyal Serpent was released in 97 to universal praise. The album proved beyond doubt that although Dpw had failed in the crucial area of having a radio hit single the bands writer was a major force. The Loyal Serpent is like a sonic route map from North to South. Starting with the shimmering pop of Wings Of The Morning through to the deep dark soul search of Leave Me With The Sinners this solo debut proves those who had always claimed Butler to be a major creative force were right.

1. Wings Of The Morning
2. Boulevard
3. All My Honey
4. When It All Becomes Available
5. Let Go
6. Bag Of Bones
7. Maybe Tomorrow
8. The Days You've Made
9. Montpellier On Ice
10. Yes I Do
11.  Billy And The Snakecharmer
12. Leave Me With The Sinners

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