Ringstead (MP3)

Recorded by producer Lee Russell in the summer of 2005 this may really be considered a third solo Butler album. Previously thought to be lost in time and acrimony these recordings demonstrate clearly what could be achieved with a single minded producer and some great songs. Dont expect Shakespeare Alabama or quite honestly anything sounding like DPW because what we have here is a fascinating collection of tunes laid down in rural Northamptonshire with the intention of bringing out a different aspect of Johns performance and writing. Apparently Russell was quite dictatorial in his approach and would even be reluctant to let the singer take copies away which eventually led to friendly fallout. However these recently unearthed tunes offer witness to the fact that something quite unique was indeed going on in Ringstead and prove the enterprise was well worth the effort and the subsequent wait to hear it.

Featuring the tracks:

1.  I'm Banging The Drum
2. Travel The Earth
3. I See No Ships
4. From Now On
5. Lost In The Storm
6. Summer Child
7. Let It Be This Time
8. Ticket To Heaven
9. Headfirst
10. New Rhythm ('Cos Of You)
11. You Don't Work Me
12. Love Without A Trace

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