Hang Johnson (MP3)

"You should never go back " seems a familiar mantra but music has a way of rising above rules even cosmic ones. The original DPW 4 piece line up which had recorded the towering debut in 1988 and promoted it the following year did reconvene for just under a couple of years from summer 97 to spring 99. In reality this meant playing together again with the drumming firework known as Moth Smith. Originally back just for a one off home town gig the Flawed Four then decided to do more shows and inevitably record some songs together before the cracks began to once more appear. Thankfully a document of this short-lived era is available here. The title Hang Johnson comes from graffiti which was painted onto a wall near toLeicester railway station by some disgruntled student in 1968 referring to LBJ. It wasn't removed until 2011! How very DPW.

1. travel the earth
2. you'll see
3. singing life
4.  my Brother there
5. don't tell me
6. chateaux burning
7. all the creatures
8. travel the earth  {live)
9. chateaux burning  (live)
10. singing life (live)
11. someday (live)
12. a  house divided (live)
13. when the  hoodoo comes  (live)
14. mr soul (live)

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