Diesels Play Byrds (mp3)

This album of over twenty tracks shows what can be achieved with consummate musicianship in a very short period of time. Why record songs already etched into history by a seminal and hugely important band from the sixties? Well DPW have always openly subscribed to American west coast rock n roll as an influence so what better to demonstrate this than the music of the original Byrds. These tracks were recorded over two days and feature Rick Willsons ringing 12 string Rickenbacker throughout as well as the extra voice of Adam Freakgene Ellis to really deliver on that eternal sound. Done out of a sense of fun originally but you may want to hear their take on songs such as Change Is Now, Why and of course Eight Miles High.Fascinating!.

Featuring The Tracks

1. Change Is Now
2. Why
3. Here Without You
4. John Riley
5. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
6. The Bells Of Rhymney
7.  Wild Mountain Thyme
8. So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Start
9. What's Happening ?!?!
10. I See You
11. He was A Friend of Mine
12. My Back Pages
13. Mr Spaceman
14. Everybody's Been Burned
15. Renaissance Fair
16. Draft Morning
17. Turn Turn Turn
18. 5th Dimension
19. Eight Miles High
20. Goin' Back
21. Wasn't Born To Follow
22. It Won't Be Wrong

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