BBC Radio 1 Sessions ’87 – ’91 (MP3)

Between August 1987 and February 1992 Diesel Park West recorded four nightime sessions for the BBC radio one. Gathered together here for the first time is the entire DPW session output ranging from 1987 to 2007. BBC recordings at their Maida Vale studios are often done in an unfeasibly short amount of time yet nearly always sound great sometimes even beating the official released versions. That’s probably down to a deadline which has to be met, no time for prima donna indulgences, and the experience of the Beeb engineers.

Hope you find these tracks as enjoyable to listen to as the band did recording them. There is even included here a track never heard anywhere before, Too Much Life, which shows the band in the full verve and confidence of the time.

Featuring The Tracks

1. Like Princess Do
2. The Girl With The Name
3. Jackie's Still Sad
4. A House Divided
5. Bell Of Hope
6. I Want No Mystery
7. Fine Lily Fine
8. Opportunity Crazy
9. All The Myths On Sunday
10. Out Of Nowhere
11. Here I Stand
12. Too Much Life To Forget About
13. Fall To Love
14. While The World Cries Decency
15. Safe Life Safe Times
16. Somewhere In The Afterglow

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