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Diesel Park West’s new album Do Come In Excuse The Mess is now available!

Front cover of the album Do Come In Excuse The Mess

It started out with the idea of doing some tracks with Shakespeare Alabama producer Chris Kimsey to find out how it might feel together in the studio after 21 years. Four of the tracks here went down with Chris overseeing the takes which started the ball rolling. From there we recorded another six in a room designed to the same specifications as the studio where the great Tamla Mowtown classics were recorded in the Detroit of the sixties.This however was south London in the 21st century and the band wasn’t the Supremes or the Temptations it was Diesel Park West! .Three little words that have become engrained in some peoples lives far outstripping all the rules of logic or even, occasionally, sanity. Intoxicating jangle warmth distilled into pitch perfect psychedelia ..Q If being a successful band with all the trimmings and rewards that go with it is nevertheless an emotionally and physically hard job then DPW can testify for the almost opposite principle that staying together as a unit with virtually no media support hardly any proper money and only a small though very well informed following is equally as tough and lets face it in reality much more so. So why keep doing it why bother to make another album? It’s a dirty job but someones got to do it. Look at what is not going on out there and it becomes obvious that what the Diesels do is a vital part of keeping faith with some core rock n roll values which may by now be under serious attack from the forces of lacklustre yet ferocious opportunity crazies! Amazing. Consistently well crafted Diesel Park West confirm their stamina….Uncut Songs have become almost like a living currency within the culture of today and as such its important for a bit of class now and again. This is what we try to deliver every time we put something out , even if its fallen short of its own objective on occasion, its what has always been the drive behind the band to present something classy whilst still retaining our abrasive and questioning soul. If rock n roll had been around during the time of the Puritans then we would probably be a band they would allow to continue performing. Fantastic strings out Loving Love …Shindig So here is album number eight “Do Come In Excuse The Mess .” Good title innit. Whenever we come off stage immediately after a performance quite often the first thing anybody might say is “how did you get on”? which is a very east midlands working class thing to say in that situation so let us know how you get on with this new record which was meant for you after all!

Featuring the tracks:

    1. Charlotte Its All Over
    2. Something Sad In The City
    3. Lovers Voice
    4. Arthurs Song
    5. Last Show In Town
    6. I Can’t Remember It
    7. Colleseum T.V.
    8. I’m Not Broken
    9. Real Good Life
    10. You Brought Out The Good In Me

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